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Lerele Sangria-Barcino Wine Resto Bar (4674604171333)
Lerele Sangria
Sale price₱299 Regular price₱350
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Verdel Red-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Verdel Red
Sale price₱450 Regular price₱725
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Verdel White-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Verdel White
Sale price₱450 Regular price₱725
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El Pugil Tempranillo-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
El Pugil Tempranillo
Sale price₱690 Regular price₱850
In stock
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Caño Tempranillo-Garnacha Toro-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Caño Tempranillo-Garnacha Toro
Sale price₱690 Regular price₱850
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A famed poet once said, “Wine is bottled poetry.”  And just like good wine, Barcino is produced through hard work and passion.  And much like good poetry, its story gets better as it is told...

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