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Campo Moro Barbera Piemonte-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Campo Moro Barbera Piemonte
Sale price₱1,120 Regular price₱1,145
Sold out
Araldica Fazzoletto Barbera Passito-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Araldica Fazzoletto Barbera Passito
Sale price₱1,580
Sold out
Canepa Classico Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Canepa Classico Chardonnay
Sale price₱790
Sold out
Veramonte Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Veramonte Chardonnay
Sale price₱1,470
In stock, 12 units
Soldier's Block Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Soldier's Block Chardonnay
Sale price₱1,020
Sold out
Save ₱270
Peñasol Seleccion Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Peñasol Seleccion Chardonnay
Sale price₱520 Regular price₱790
In stock, 5 units
Save ₱75
Casa Vista Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Casa Vista Chardonnay
Sale price₱420 Regular price₱495
Sold out
Santoro Chardonnay Puglia-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Santoro Chardonnay Puglia
Sale price₱835
Sold out
Viñas del Vero Macabeo Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Viñas del Vero Macabeo Chardonnay
Sale price₱980
Only 1 unit left
Beso de Vino Macabeo & Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Beso de Vino Macabeo & Chardonnay
Sale price₱890
Sold out
Ramon Roqueta Macabeo Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Ramon Roqueta Macabeo Chardonnay
Sale price₱830
In stock, 6 units
Save ₱320
Terrapura Reserva Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Terrapura Reserva Chardonnay
Sale price₱700 Regular price₱1,020
Only 3 units left
The Listening Station Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
The Listening Station Chardonnay
Sale price₱1,020
Only 1 unit left
Save ₱205
Rincón del Sol Chardonnay-Chenin-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Rincón del Sol Chardonnay-Chenin
Sale price₱390 Regular price₱595
In stock
Anne de Joyeuse Camas Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Anne de Joyeuse Camas Chardonnay
Sale price₱900
Sold out
Save ₱145
Andean Vineyards Condor Peak Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Andean Vineyards Condor Peak Chardonnay
Sale price₱350 Regular price₱495
Sold out
Save ₱25
Los Vascos Chardonnay 2018-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Los Vascos Chardonnay 2018
Sale price₱1,120 Regular price₱1,145
Only 3 units left
False Bay ‘Crystalline’ Chardonnay-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
False Bay ‘Crystalline’ Chardonnay
Sale price₱940
Sold out
Save ₱430
Fusta Nova Blanco Aromático-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Fusta Nova Blanco Aromático
Sale price₱780 Regular price₱1,210
Sold out
Beso de Vino Frizzante White-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Beso de Vino Frizzante White
Sale price₱890
Only 3 units left
Viñas Del Vero Luces Blanco-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Viñas Del Vero Luces Blanco
Sale price₱950
Only 2 units left
Masia La.Sala Blanco-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Masia La.Sala Blanco
Sale price₱990
Only 2 units left
Save ₱245
Fasoli Gino Tre Piume Bianco-Barcino Wine Resto Bar
Fasoli Gino Tre Piume Bianco
Sale price₱750 Regular price₱995
In stock, 11 units
Château d’Aussières Aussières Blanc Chardonnay 2017-Barcino Wine Resto Bar

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